Windows XP Support: Microsoft Pulls the plug


The death of Windows XP


Microsoft Windows XP is one of the most successful operating systems that Microsoft has ever developed, selling hundreds of thousands of copies per month upon debut. Since development, however, Microsoft has finally decided to pull the plug on production, and eventually pull the plug on Windows XP Help support.

Windows XP sales were halted officially on June 30th, 2008. This was not an easy option for Microsoft, as they had to face protests and irritated customers who felt forced to move to Windows Vista, which is famous for it’s fair share of Vista Problems. Additionally, as of the 30th, Microsoft has pulled the plug on shipping Windows XP with new pc’s; customer’s must choose between their desired version of Windows Vista instead.

This is a source of problems to a lot of potential customers, as people tend to find Windows Vista to be very irritating, tedious and annoying. Additionally, Microsoft should not have the right to hold us “hostage” and force their failed operating systems on us.

All hope is not gone however for Window XP, as in a recent announcement Microsoft has decided to offer “extended support” for Windows XP through 2014, allowing customers ample time to migrate to Windows 7, which is generally thought to be far more successful than Windows Vista. Windows 7 is also thought to be far more stable and therefore a better investment.

So, before you worry about the end of the Windows XP support from Microsoft, keep in mindi there are plenty of other options, e.g. Windows 7.

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