Windows Guides – A Guide to the Top Five Features of Windows 10

It is wonderful to know that the Windows Operating System has been continuously updating the newest version based upon some of the reviews and feedback provided initially from consumers testing the product. While it is clear that there are SO MANY upgrades provided by Microsoft in the release of Windows 10, progressing since the beginning of 2015, we can see five of the best based upon some of the easiest requests all of us make in a technology upgrade or purchase.

  • blue-wallpaper_windows_10_hd_2880x1800It’s FREE to Upgrade

Well, I think this one speaks for itself! If you already have a PC with the Windows Operating System loaded, all you have to do is click a single button online and let the upgrade download for free. Without the need to purchase any of these wonderful apps and functionalities included with the well-reviewed Start Menu, Tradition Desktop view, Virtual Desktop view and more.

  • Cortana – An Amazing New Personal Assistant

Battling with Siri and Google Now, this assistant will be available on your PC as well as your PC phone and tablet. The app icon is visible immediately next to the beloved Start Menu, but there is no need to press the button for activity. Simply spark the action by saying, “Hey Cortana,” in the same manner as speaking to Siri or other assistant apps. She’s always at your side, and there is no need to open her before asking her to answer any question. Find any basic search answers or definitions without having to go out to the web. Now that is definitely impressive!

  • Xbox App and Streaming – Control Your Xbox from Your PC

Microsoft brought out the Xbox One recently with a great number of gaming and home technology functions for internet and television access. With everything the Xbox One provides for the entire household it is great to now have the Xbox App to control the family Xbox One from the PC, phone or tablet. The best thing about this is that the family doesn’t NEED to have an Xbox One to make the best use of the Xbox App and Console together, not just PC Gaming gurus alone.

  • Edge Browser Replaces Internet Explorer

After taking some previous feedback and reviews on Internet Explorer, the Edge browser has been developed for speed, efficiency and accuracy all wrapped up in one for the search and travels of the modern web. With this being a completely new App in use on the PC, there is the potential need for a tutorial guide to learn the actual process while using the App itself. Interesting, but always essential for the latest technology user.e3d82708-5e42-4928-93f7-d46b358108d5

  • HoloLens – Holographic Computing System

Windows 10 now provides the option of virtual computing without the need to be sitting in front of a physical PC. HoloLens does just this for the standing user, working within that virtual space and no need to sit in front of the PC all day long. It is still in progress and en route to be released to the public in the next few months. Definitely working with holograms in replacement of a monitor will be incredibly unique and exciting for some of us who have been staring at the same desktop or laptop for years!

These are just five of the many amazing updates that are offered with the free Windows 10 update out there for all you Windows users. All it takes is a little time to download, and view some of those online tutorials and instructions, and the technology gets better and better every minute!

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