Update Drivers for Free Windows 7 [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

Update Drivers for Free

Firstly, updating drivers can improve computer speed as well as prevent malfunctions. Updating drivers isn’t as hard as it sounds, in fact Windows has a built in function that allows you to manually update drivers for free for each piece of hardware that Windows detects. You can either download the driver and install it by connecting it to the driver, or let Windows find the latest one on its own. This function is in the Device Manager. You right click the drive you want to update then click update drivers… Then click automatically or browse for the file.

Update Drivers Windows 7

Now doing the above method can get boring really quick, in fact sometimes it can get tedious, sometimes Windows doesn’t detect the part. Sometimes Windows can’t find a driver for the part. Whatever the problem you have, may be, this can all be avoided when you download a program that does it for you.

I just so happened to download five to six different programs and tested them individually, I had about 12 drivers out of date, and for each one I either tried to install one, or gave up trying. I won’t get into names so that I won’t get yelled at, but the one that I find to be the most user friendly and the easiest overall, is called Driver Reviver. Yeah, I know… try to say that ten times fast! This program updates drivers for Windows 7 as well as other operating systems. I only tested this on Windows 7, and let me tell you, I didn’t get any phony “out of date” drivers, nor did I have to put much effort into installing and downloading the out of date drivers.

This program costs $30 and to me, is worth the money. The other programs out there say they do the same thing, but for some reason don’t get things right. This program takes the tedious task and makes it effortless. I rate this program a 9/10. The few things I would change is: First, don’t make the range from Old > Ancient. Make the range from Updated > Old, or even New > Old. Secondly, I would make the installing phase more informative like the downloading phase, and give an ETA. So beside for those few quirks I have, this program is superb for the task at hand.

Enough chit chat! Watch the Video!

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