How to Remove Malware for Free [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

How to remove malware for free

Removing Malware is essential for a computer to run smoothly. However, how to remove malware for free is another question. Basically every program out there has a fee to use it, and we don’t want to pay for so many things on our computer. We already pay for Microsoft Office, and any other programs we have to buy in order to function as a normal computer. So when it comes to removing malware we don’t have to have to pay… There is also methods out there to on how to remove malware manually; although, I do find it unnecessary.

When it comes to removing malware there are many choices of programs. Let me repeat this, there are many choices of programs. In fact there will never be a shortage of programs that can remove malware, or at least that advertises that they can remove them. But, there are only a hand full that can do it effectively, and, for free! I did all the leg work for you guys so the only thing you have to do is follow my video tutorial and you will have the best of the bunch.

How to Remove Malware, Microsoft

Microsoft contributed to this Malware fighting team by making their own program that will fight off the malware for you. This program searches your computer for known major malware and will delete them upon your command. Microsoft has also created one of these for viruses and it is said that they update it on the second Tuesday of every month. I assume this program has the same updating schedule.

The reason updating is so important, is that every minute there is another virus, or malware being created. Every minute another computer has been infected with a virus and malware. Every hour about 10 people clicked on a fake computer scan, and fell for the trick. All of these numbers add up, and that is why I am here to help. Watch my tutorial if you want to be able to remove these malware issues for free, either with trial versions, or, because the program is free.

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One thought on “How to Remove Malware for Free [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

  1. Steve

    I watched your video with interest. Hitting MalWare with multiple free and trial removal applications is a good way to increase the chances of removing all MalWare from your computer (Rootkits, Trojans, Worms, etc.).

    As you say, there are lots of MalWare Removal programs out there. No doubt some are better at removing certain types of MalWare better than others. Your approach ensures probably the best MalWare Removal tools out therehere (MalWareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware) gives you the best chance of capturing all types of MalWare.

    I like the touch of including CCleaner. I have used this little tool for years. It does a good job of removing quatantined MalWare.

    The other thing I like to do is disable System Restore. In my experience soem nasties can copy their payloads to the restore directory, and re-initiate after you think you have cleaned your system. I wonder if modern anti-MalWare programs can clean the ‘read-only’ system volume information directory (i.e. the system restore files)?

    Thank you for an interesting video.



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