How To Reinstall Windows 7 Without CD [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

Reinstall Windows 7 Without CD

Trying to get Windows installed and not having a CD can be very frustrating and getting another CD can be difficult and expensive.  You can possibly call a computer technician to do it for you but that will run costs up very quickly.  Any help we might get will make a world of difference when trying to deal with an issue like this. The CD that comes with Windows is always copy protected so that you cannot copy the disk. The problem with this, is if you lose this CD. You are without the installer and can no longer reinstall on any computer this Windows again.

Reinstall Windows 7 Without Losing Data

        Okay, so you want a fresh computer but don’t want to buy a new one. I understand that, it makes sense, in fact some of us would love to have a reset button for life sometimes! But when it comes to computers you can always reformat your hard drive and install Windows on the hard drive again. This will make the computer as if it is brand new. This of course does not apply to the hardware, it is highly recommended to dust off the inside of the computer every 2 weeks, and make sure there is proper airflow. Back to your computer, if you are here because you don’t want to lose you data that you have worked over the years to compile, yet you do want to reinstall windows, then this tutorial will show you a bunch of handy programs that can help you.

Reinstall Windows Installer Windows 7

If you don’t have the CD anymore there are other ways to install windows. You can install from a USB drive. We will be making a tutorial on this soon. You can also download an ISO from Microsoft and create a CD from it. It is always a good idea to backup files, and even do an easy transfer! If you haven’t heard of Windows Easy Transfer, then you should check out howtowindowsguide’s tutorial on Windows Easy Transfer. Click on the words to launch that tutorial. It is a very useful program, in fact I just used it a day ago in my own house. I just bought a new computer for myself and after building it, I wanted to have all of my previous settings and programs, so now I just need to transfer over the file and I’m done!

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