Change taskbar Windows 7 & Change Computer Name [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

Change taskbar Windows 7

In windows 7 there is a very easy way to change the taskbar color without having to go through much trouble. This is by right clicking the desktop, clicking personalize, then clicking color at the bottom. The problem with this method? When you use this method of changing the taskbar color, you are changing all of the tops of windows and the start menu colors. This can be annoying if you picked a bold color, like red, or black for example. So how do you go about only changing the taskbar color and not the rest of the windows?

Windows 7 Taskbar Change… The right way

The right way to do this is to magically make the taskbar change to the exact color you desire. First, download, a free program that makes money from donations. Then download or create a background that matches your screen resolution. To find your screen’s Resolution:

  1.      Right click Desktop
  2.      Click screen resolution
  3.      Click the down arrow by resolution
  4.      Scroll the bar to the top
  5.      And read the resolution number

This is what your monitor/screen resolution is. Resolution means, the amount of dots (aka pixels) that make up the image on the screen. If you look really closely at the monitor you should be able to see the pixels. Back on topic, once you have your resolution, your background, and is installed; right click the image and hover over, open with, then select Once that is open change the canvas size to be 38 pixels shorter. Then press ok. Once again open the option to change the canvas size and this time put the pixels back to the original amount. (Watch the video down below for a step by step walkthrough).

Once this has been completed you should have a white bar at the bottom of the image. Click the bucket tool and select a color, fill in the white box and save the image as another name. Right click the new saved image and select set as desktop background… Presto! You have successfully changed your windows 7 taskbar color!

Changing Computer Name

If you want to change the name of your computer, then watch the video, it will only take a few seconds of your time. And you will finally have your name in the field instead of Dell’s or HP’s!

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