Windows Support: Resolve Vista Update Issues & Enable Bidirectional Support

Vista Update and issues resolved with Windows Support

Windows Update is a feature by Microsoft designed especially for providing your version of Windows Operating System with the latest official security updates made available on its official website. You will also be in a position to install Updates automatically by means of the Windows Vista’s “Automatic Update” feature that is now available.

Simple solutions to three of the most common problems that users experience while installing Vista updates has been detailed in the subsequent paragraphs.

What to do when Updates do not install?

Sometimes you are likely to find that one or more updates failed to install while using Windows Update. When this happens you must immediately attempt to reinstall the updates. Also make sure that you have verified “Microsoft Software License Terms” by accepting it. For this is mandatory for the updates to be installed successfully.

Windows Support

Fix Windows Update Issues

However, if the updates fail to install even after having accepted the same terms and conditions laid down by Microsoft, you will need to verify that your computer has enough free disk space to install the updates.

Hide and Restore Windows Vista Updates

You are even provided with an option to hide Windows Vista Updates that you do not want to install. You must also access the Windows “Start” menu. Then you must select “All Programs” and click “Windows Update”.

You will then have to right-click on the update you want to hide. After that, select “Hide Update” in order to prevent the update from showing on the list of available updates in the future.

If you wish to restore the update, you will have to click the “Restore Hidden Updates” button in the left pane of the “Windows Update” window. You must then select the update that you wish to restore and provide your Windows administrator password into the dialogue window when asked to do so. Then click “OK.”

This will be all the help that you will need in order to resolve issues involving Vista updates that you may be facing. If you seek further information regarding this procedure, it is suggested that you contact the Windows support center.

Another option that you can consider in case you need further clarifications regarding this procedure is to directly refer the Windows support manual. You are also advised to visit the Windows support website in order to rectify or correct any doubts or queries that you may have with respect to this procedure.

Enable Bidirectional Support in Vista with Windows Support

Bidirectional support happens to be a kind of printing communication. It is found to occur across a local area network. Some of the latest Microsoft Vista users are likely to see a message that advises them to enable bidirectional support at the earliest as the current printer driver is found to be for Windows XP. It does not work well with Windows Vista. Follow the procedure given below to enable bidirectional support in Vista with Windows support.

Procedure to Enable Bidirectional Support in Vista

  • Begin this procedure by opening the “Start” menu. Within the search box, you are instructed to type the word “printer” and click “Enter.”
  • You are then instructed to locate the icons for your printer. Now you are to right-click on them and select the “Delete” option.
  • As per the next instruction in the procedure, it is required of you to right-click on an empty space in the window. Then you are instructed to choose the “Run as administrator.” Select “Server Properties.”
  • Following which, you are instructed to navigate to the “Drivers” tab. Select your printer. Hit “Remove.” Choose “Remove Driver and Driver Package.”
  • As the follow-up instruction of this procedure, you are required to navigate to the “Start” menu. Type “APPWIZ.CPL” in the box and press “Enter.”
    Windows Support

    Enable Bidirectional Support in Vista

    It is required of you to get rid of all software which is related to the printer.

  • Move on to the next step of this procedure by opening a browser and go to the printer of your private manufacturer’s website. Find out the section with. This is usually found within the Support section. You are well advised to download the latest driver for your printer and save it to your desktop.
  • Finally, you are instructed to double-click on the driver in order to be able to launch the setup wizard. Adhere to the on-screen prompts in order to have it installed. It is likely that the new driver enables bidirectional support.

That completes the procedure to enable bidirectional support in Vista with Windows support. If you need more help, contact the Windows support center for technical assistance. Also refer to the corresponding manual or visit the corresponding website if you seek further help. Thank you for your time.

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