Setting Internet Gateway in Windows XP

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Internet Gateway in XP

In Windows XP operating system, the Internet Connection Sharing, ICS allows the users to use their computers as an online gateway. Once the system has been set as a gateway machine, it can host Internet connection devices. This will allow other machines in the network to use this connection to access websites online. This is much more convenient in configuring small home networks. The operating system has network configuration settings built into them. Once the configuration is done, and after the rebooting, the system will register the system automatically as the gateway for the internet connection of the client computer.

This article will help you in setting up the gateway configuration for your operating system. Configuring the system as an Internet Gateway for connecting devices and setting small home networks with Windows XP is very easy. The instructions given in this article will help the users in setting the ICS gateway connection with a few mouse clicks. Follow the steps closely if you want your XP operating system as gateway computer.


The instructions from Windows online support will help the users to create an Internet Gateway in their Windows XP operating system. The steps are given below. Follow them carefully.

ñ Click the Windows XP Start button.

ñ Click Control Panel.

ñ In the Control Panel window, select Network and Internet Connections.

ñ Click Network Connections.

Windows online support

Internet Gateway in XP

ñ Right-click on the network adapter button and select Properties.

ñ Click the Advanced tab, in the opened window.

ñ In the Internet Connection Sharing Section, check the box labeled Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.

ñ Click OK to save the settings.

ñ A window opens explaining that the computer’s IP address changes to

ñ Click Yes to confirm the changes.

ñ Reboot the computer.

ñ After the reboot of the host ICS server, you must reboot the client computers, so they detect and connect to the Windows XP gateway computer.

These instructions by the Windows online support can help you in setting up the online gateway using the Internet Connection Sharing feature. The steps are very easy and simple. If you face any issues in completing the procedure, contact Windows support and get assistance.

Hope this article will help you in the purpose.

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