Outlook Setting: Setting up Outlook Macros


One of the coolest features of Microsoft Outlook is the ability to create macros. Aside from  being huge time (and therefore money) savers,  macros are a command that Outlook will execute every time it sees a similar situation. To explain that with an example that makes more sense:

Every time you see a leaf, you say “green”; every time Outlook sees the word “spam” it understands to put the email into the junk folder.

So, here is how to create a useful Outlook macros from with the Outlook settings menu:

Step 1)

At the top of outlook, click tools then macro » Macros or just press alt+F8 at the same time to open up the Macro menu.

Enter the name of the macro you will be creating, the name has no significance and can be anything you will remember.


Step 2)

Once you have opened the macro menu, and named the macro, there are endless things you can do with the macro.

Here are some ideas that you can google which will return results to how to create relevant macros:

“Save images automatically”

“Reminder of empty subject line”

“forward emails that come from x to go to y”

“Send message”

“Discard message”

The list is endless, and once you understand all of the outlook setting related work, you can go ahead and start macroing!


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