How to Install Mac OS on Windows

Here at How to Windows, I am going to tell you how you transform your Windows PC in to a Mac OS. The First thing you will need to do is to go to your web browser and type in You will then be brought to a website that has a lot of advertisements so be careful where you click. I have crossed out the ones that are useless so you can see which link to click.

windows to mac

Windows to Mac

Click on the Download (Snow Transformation Pack 1.5) link. The download could take quite a time depending on your download speed. Once the file has completed downloading, open the folder and click on the .exe file. Once that’s opened, extract the file which will then open up the setup wizard.

install Mac OS on Windows

install mac on windows

From the setup wizard, deselect the box where it says “Set Windows X’s Live as default home page” and click next.

Install Mac OS on Windows

Turn Windows to Mac

Accept the agreement and press Next. Keep pressing Next til you get to the Configuration page. Change Configuration to Completed if it hasn’t already done so and press “Next” then “Transform“.

how to turn windows to mac

how to turn windows to mac

Once thats been clicked, Windows will transform all your files and programs to look like OS X, also knows an MAC. This can take a while, depending on how many files and folders you have on your computer. Once it has finished Transforming, you will get a window where you click Finish, and restart your computer. Once restarted, everything should be fully functional.

install mac os on windows

If you want to uninstall the programs, go to Control Panel, then Programs, then Programs and Features. Look for Snow Transformation Pack 1.5 and click on Uninstall/Change, which will then open up a new windows.

remove mac from windows

From there, click Remove Snow Transformation Pack and press Perform Uninstall. It will now delete all the visual settings that were installed to make your PC look like a Mac. No files or programs will be deleted. Once it has finished uninstalling, your computer will restart bringing everything back to its original settings.


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