Windows XP support: Multi-core processors & resolve the video problems

Windows XP support team’s evaluation of multi-core processors

Multi-core processors are the rage among computer fanatics these days. These contain multiple processors in a single processor chip, which means more work gets done in lesser time.

That was just random trivia. So, if you’re planning on upgrading your computer to the latest multi-core processors, you can do so without splitting up with your Windows XP Home operating system.

windows xp support

Multi Core proceccsor

The Windows XP support team points out the various benefits of upgrading to multi-core processors.

  1. 1.      Windows XP support team ensures compatibility

The Windows XP support team says that the XP operating system is compatible with multi-core processors. However, the same cannot be said about multiple processors.

  1. 2.      The Windows XP support team identifies performance benefits

The whole idea behind multi-core processors’ is to better the performance of the computer. Though there isn’t much difference when only a single application is run, the evidence is pretty clear when running multiple applications simultaneously. Multi-core processors stand out from single-cores in this respect.

  1. 3.      The Windows XP support team mentions other noticeable advantages

According to the Windows XP support team, performance of a processor is increased by increasing its clock speed. This was accompanied by overheating of the chip, which in turn required you to provide the chip with a more powerful draught fan to cool it. More powerful fans meant more noise while using the computer.

The Windows XP support team says that the multi-core processors changed the whole scenario. Multi-cores required only lower clock speeds for the same work, thereby ensuring less heat dissipation at the processor. Therefore, less noisy fans can be used for running multi-core processors.


These are the advantages of multi-core processors as pointed out by the Windows XP support team. Now, don’t think twice, just upgrade your computer!

Windows XP support to resolve the video problems in XP

How often have you been hit with the error “”Display Problems, This program can’t continue” while watching your favorite movie on your Windows XP system? Well, if you have had more than your share of this message, the Windows XP support team has news for you. You can fix this issue easily in a matter of minutes. Excited? Read on!

The Windows XP support team guidelines

windows xp support

fix video problems in Windows XP

The Windows team recommends you use the ‘Video Display Troubleshooter’ tool to resolve this issue. Follow the guidelines given below.

  1. To actualize the procedure, click on the “Start” menu and select the option “Help and Support”. The “Help and Support Center” dialogue box is displayed.
  2. The Windows XP support team asserts you select the “Fixing a Problem” option under the “Pick a Help Topic” section.
  3. To advance to the next step, click the check box in the left pane labeled “Games, Sound and Video Problems“.
  4. The Windows XP support team insists you select the option “Display Troubleshooter” located in the right pane.
  5. Now select the option that describes your problem and click the “Next” button. Repeat the steps if necessary

What if the problem persists?

No worries pal! The Windows XP support team always has a backup plan. The next best option is to update your driver. Open your “Internet Explorer” browser to start the procedure. Now click on the “Tools” menu to proceed to the next step. The Windows XP support team advocates you select the “Windows Update” option. You can see a list of recommended updates. Select the required update and click “Yes” button. The Windows XP support team urges you click the “Install” button to conclude the process.

Hope the above article helped you resolve your video problems in Windows XP. Thanks to the Windows XP support team, you can now enjoy your favorite movies without any interruption!


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