Windows Online Support: Check Windows XP License & Reinstall Ethernet

Windows Online Support on how to check Windows XP License

Many of you who already have Windows XP installed as the main operating system for your computer’s must be aware of the fact that you need a genuine copy of it for you to receive service packs, security updates and other supports from Microsoft.

Now if you are unsure as to whether your Windows XP software is genuine or not because you were not the one who installed it in the first place or that it was already installed when you first bought your computer, Windows online support recommends you visit Microsoft’s official website in checking your Windows XP license and verifying that your copy of Windows XP is really genuine.

Windows Online Support

Windows XP Product Key

So in getting on with our article, let us now take a look at the steps as suggested by Windows online support in proceeding with the task at hand.

Here is how.

Windows Online Support and its steps in checking Windows XP License

Follow the steps as given below in proceeding with checking if your Windows XP license is authentic or not:

  1. To first begin with, close all stray programs and applications that might still be running on your computer
  2. Now launch your web browser and navigate to Microsoft’s “Genuine Microsoft Software” webpage
  3. Once there, click on the “Validate Windows” button available in the “Validate Now” box towards the left hand side of the same Genuine Microsoft Software webpage. This will promptly display a new security warning dialog box on your screen and you may get directed to use a different browser (such as “Internet Explorer”) if your current web browser does not support “ActiveX” controls
  4. Next up, click on the “Install” button available on the same security warning dialog box so as to initiate installing the required validation tool to begin the validation process
  5. Finally, the results for your validation check will get displayed on the Genuine Microsoft Software webpage after the process completes.

So depending on whether your Windows XP license is valid or not, you will be pro-actively offered with a number of options to correct the issue (also depends on the nature of the problem or issue with your license). However, if your license is valid, you can very well close your browser window and get back on your Windows.

Windows Online Support with reinstalling Windows XP Ethernet

For those of you who already have Windows installed as the primary operating system for your computers, you will have definitely come across the “Device Manager” utility that Microsoft has included with your version of Windows so as to help you with organizing your system hardware and issues (if any).

However for those of you unaware, the device manager utility is the place you need to head for on your Windows if you wish to install and update your device drivers, in viewing device operation status or of troubleshooting device problems and errors.

Now in getting on with our article and the task at hand, if you find that the Ethernet adapters for your computer is either not functioning properly or that it has suddenly stopped working, you may have to newly reinstall the drivers for the same.

So follow the simple steps as suggested by Windows online support and team below in resolving the same issue.

Reinstalling Windows XP Ethernet Adapter drivers following Windows Online Support steps and instructions

  1. To first begin with, get on Windows XP “Start” menu and then click on the “Control Panel” link followed by “Performance and Maintenance
  2. Select “System” from the options available then open “Hardware” to get “Device Manager
  3. Now click on the right pointing arrow next to the “Network Adapters” option. This should effectively expand a list of all the available network
    Windows Online Support

    Installing Ethernet Driver on XP

    adapters which have been successfully installed on your computer

  4. Click to select the network adapter that has been giving you the problem. Check and see if it is an Ethernet controlling adapter for it will be identified the same way in its name. Now right click on the same and then proceed to selecting the “Uninstall” option from the context menu followed by “Ok” to confirm the operation if prompted. Windows will now proceed with uninstalling the device completely from your computer
  5. Next up, to reinstall the adapter, right click on the “Network Adapters” option followed by “Scan for hardware changes” from the context menu. This will then automatically initiate device manager to locate and reinstall the adapter for you

This successfully completes our steps in reinstalling the Ethernet adapter driver for your Windows XP system as per Windows online support guidelines.

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