Windows Help: Remote Assistance & Remove Administrator Password

Windows Vista Help procedure to establish Remote Assistance

You would have come across a situation where you would have needed the help of someone to resolve a serious problem with your PC.  It is not always possible for us, regular users, to resolve issues ourselves. We will need someone who can do the fixing for us and quite often, this person will not be available physically to do this. In such cases, we make use of the Remote Assistance feature of Windows to connect for help. Use your Internet connection and the Remote Assistance tool in Windows Vista help to allow the technician to access the computer’s desktop. The permission to access data can be restricted, thus controlling the technician from misusing our data. So how is this procedure carried out? All you have to do is read on to learn more about the issue.

The Windows Vista help procedure for starting Remote Assistance

Establishing a Remote Assistance Connection has three steps

  • Open the Application
  • Invite someone you trust to help you
  • Help someone who has invited you

The steps for each stage are detailed here.

Opening Application

  • Open Start menu.
  •  Select All Programs list.
  • Select the Maintenance folder and choose the Windows Remote Assistance application.
  • Click Invite someone you trust to send an invitation to another user.
Windows Help

Remote Assistance for Windows

Invite Someone You Trust to Help You

  • Select how you want to send the invitation.
  • Microsoft Outlook users can, select Use e-mail to send invitation.
  •  Web-based email clients can select Save this invitation as a file for attaching the invitation to the email.
  • Name the invitation and select a password to restrict access.

After sending the invitation, you will have to inform the remote user of the password. Send the invitation and password to the other user to access the system. Keep open the Windows Remote Assistance application to allow the remote user to access the computer. Once the connection is made, the user can monitor the other user’s actions on the computer. When the issue is resolved, end the remote session by clicking Cancel or Stop Sharing.

Help Someone Who Has Invited You

When you want to help someone else with a computer problem, Windows Vista help recommends you to select Offer to help someone from the main Remote Assistance screen. Enter the invitation file and the password the other person has sent you. You will be connected to the other user’s desktop.

After the completion of the troubleshooting, you can press Esc to terminate the session.

Windows Vista help and support to remove the administrator password in Windows Vista

Windows Vista operating system lets you create passwords for ensuring the security of the computer. Setting up a password will prevent unauthorized access to your computer and helps you ensure the safety of your personal documents and files. The Windows Vista help and support experts stress on the significance of creating a password for the Windows Vista for protection. You can create password for boot up, log in and user profiles.

You can also remove the password you created, if you don’t want it on your computer. If there is only one account on your computer, you won’t be prompted to log in when you delete the password. However, if multiple users are present, a log in screen will be displayed consisting of all the user profiles. But you don’t need to supply any passwords to access these accounts.

Let’s see how to remove the password of the administrator account in Windows Vista

Windows vista help and support instructions to visit the User Accounts folder

To begin with, turn on your computer and log in as administrator. This is important as you can only remove the password if you have administrator privileges.

When the start up items finish loading, escort your mouse pointer and click on the “Start” menu. This is located in the task bar of the active desktop window. After clicking on this menu, a list box will be displayed with a number of options.

Select the “Control Panel” option from this list. This option is stationed at the right side of the “Start” menu. The Control Panel Windows is displayed.

Windows Help

Remove Administrator Password in Windows

From this window, select the option labeled “User Accounts”. This will display the User Accounts window.

The Windows Vista help and support to remove the password

After visiting the User Accounts folder, select the option “”User Accounts and Family Safety“. Now click on the “Remove Your Password” option. You can find this option under the “Making Changes to Your Account” section.

Simply enter the administrator password in the field labeled “Password”. Now select the “Remove Password” option. This will disable the password permanently.

Restart your computer and log in again. This time you won’t be prompted to type the password.

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