Windows 8 Metro UI & Errors in Consumer Preview

New Metro UI enabled Desktop adding to more Windows 8 Problems

With a lot of new features and advances Microsoft has made on the latest addition to its ever popular Windows family of operating systems, seems like one such feature has rather been doing the rounds for all the wrong reasons.

Which one if you ask? Well, Windows 8’s very own “Metro” User Interface.

Windows 8 Problems with “Metro” User Interface

Even as Microsoft and Windows 8 presented and tried promising a lot of changes (good ones!) in how people were going to look and work with their computers, the problems did seem to follow up quiet fast actually. One might blame it on negligence from Microsoft’s part and others; well give it time and everything’s going to work out fine.

Though we would definitely agree that the metro style user interface is cool from the looks of it, it basically lacks everything else that earlier user interfaces in prior versions had which made them convenient and user friendly.

Windows 8 Support

Metro UI Desktop

Chances are, no one would want the new Metro User Interface for all the complications it puts the user through even though it might look cool on their tablet PC’s, their touch enabled devices and other low resolution devices.

For those of you who have already been on the Developer Preview version of Windows 8 on their desktop PC’s, you might have noticed that the Metro UI instead adds more weight to your workflow. And that Windows 8 problems seems to persist as you newly boot your computer into the Metro UI.

Some users have even reported facing difficulty in launching applications, websites or information’s from the buttons that they were apparently displayed with on the same metro user interface. And this can be due to the fact that it is actually a full screen application launcher that you cannot deactivate at any point of time.

Finally to conclude, one can only hope that Microsoft will make the necessary changes to the Metro UI in its final version of Windows 8. Or that they include an option in actively disabling Metro UI for the user to switch back to the classic desktop in the event of annoying Windows 8 problems occurring again. Either ways, a new Windows 8 operating system minus the problems.

Windows 8 problems showing error codes in Consumer Preview

Windows 8 problems, Troubleshooting Windows 8 problems, errors in Consumer Preview

Windows 8 consumer preview is a hot cake from the Microsoft Bakery that has got amazing taste to make any users craving for it. The real or the final version of this brand new operating system from Microsoft will be out only by the end of 2012. It is only the consumer preview that is out now, which is not the fully developed version and which has some glitches. However, we may just ignore that, nevertheless it’s only in its infancy, to err now is but natural. Microsoft moreover assures to handover to the Windows admirers the best when the final release date comes.

It was on February 29, 2012 that Microsoft launched Windows 8 consumer preview. It was mainly intended for developers to test the new operating system. However, a lot of users downloaded and installed the consumer preview and was satisfied and happy with this new operating system. Although upon installing and running Windows 8 consumer preview, several errors were reported by users. When some systems worked fine, certain others showed errors due to general settings.

The common error code from Windows 8 Consumer Preview is 0xc0000260. However, with these troubleshooting tips, you can solve all these Windows 8 problems.

Troubleshooting instructions to solve Windows 8 problems of error 0xc0000260

  • In case you have the error popping up in your Windows 8 consumer preview, Under System tools, in the VMware settings, enable or check box at CPU
    Windows 8 problems

    Error Codes in Consumer Preview

    PAE / NX , also make sure that it is marked on the Processor tab. Try to check the box if it is not marked. It is also necessary that on the host, the VT-X support you should adjust the CPU (64 bit mandatory).

  • Ensure that in Vbox you can find PAE / NX system and choose processor. Also, from your Vbox, you have to go to Display and place a check mark or tick the 2d and 3d option in Video tab.
  • After doing this much, press OK button and try to run your Windows 8 consumer preview again. It will work without any error.

That’s all the support you will need to resolve the Windows 8 problems. Thank you for your time, have a great day ahead!

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