Windows 7 Internet Explorer Icon Missing

So, you logged on to your computer ready to start facebook, and then…. Where is the Windows 7 Internet Explorer Icon?! Not to worry! Here is a few methods on restoring the icon back to your desktop:

Method 1: Manually recreate the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop

Due to some changes in Windows 7, we are required to use a slightly different method than you may be used to to restore the Internet Explorer icon back onto your desktop:


1. Head over to the start button, then look for the “internet explorer” icon in the start menu. If you do not see it there, you can either search for it using the search that is located right above the start button, or you can head over to all programs and look for the icon there. Once you have located the Internet Explorer icon, you can hover over the icon, and right drag the icon to your desktop. Once you release the right mouse button a small menu will show, and it will ask you if you want to “copy, move or create shortcut”. Choose create shortcut, and viola, you now have the icon on your desktop! Double click the icon to ensure that it is working and you are finished! You now have the Internet Explorer icon back on your desktop, as good as new!

Wondering why the icon is so spiffy looking and interesting? Head over to the evolution of the Internet Explorer icon write up to see our study on the icon and its trends.

Method 2: offers another solution with a registry entry to recreate the icon on your desktop. It is rumoured to no longer work with Windows 7, so try it at your own risk:

1. Start, run or start and then search. In the run box or search box, type in “notepad” to start the windows notepad program. In the notepad, copy paste this following text:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Once you have copied all of this text into your open notepad windows, press ctrl+shift+s to open the save as dialogue and save the file as "Ie.reg" 

to your desktop. Close notepad, then head over to your desktop and run the file you just saved. This should bring up a prompt which you should answer 

with the usual "ok, yes, continue, etc."
You are done! You now have the icon restored!
Thanks for reading!
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