Windows 7 Help to Deploy 32 bit Drivers & Using Windows 7 Support Tools

Deploying 32 bit Drivers in Windows 7 via Windows XP Mode

When Windows 7 was launched, Microsoft had done their best to ensure that it doesn’t seem like a mere rectified version of Windows Vista, but deliver quite a few features that would redefine our computing experience. Keeping this goal in mind, Microsoft incorporated many new and exciting capabilities in Windows 7, that have been able to make computing an altogether exciting and user-friendly affair for us. Here, the Windows 7 support team gives you a comprehensive account on how to deploy 32 bit drivers via Windows XP mode on you Windows 7 PC.

Download and Install Virtual PC

  1. Navigate to the official program website and download Virtual PC for Windows 7.
  2. Follow the instructions on-screen and select “Download” under “Windows XP Mode”.
  3. Click on “Continue” to complete the installation. Select “Continue” again when the message “Windows Validation Was Successful” appears.
  4. As the Windows 7 support team says, you may now choose your version of Windows 7 and the preferred installation language. Click on the “Download” button under “Windows XP Mode” and save the file to your PC.
  5. Go to the folder on your system where you’ve saved the installation file. Double click on the file to launch the installer and accept the License Agreement.
  6. Follow the instructions on-screen to install the virtual PC, and restart the computer when prompted.
Windows 7 Help

32 bit Driver XP Mode

Setting Up Windows XP Mode and Installing 32-bit Drivers

  1. Click on “Start” and select “All Programs”, followed by “Windows Virtual PC”. Select Windows XP mode from the list.
  2. Accept the License Agreement, click on “Next” and then accept the default installation parameters.
  3. Enter a password, confirm it, and enable the “Automatic Updates” option; click on “Next”.
  4. You may now proceed to select the option that reads “Start Setup” and wait till the installation of Windows XP mode by the virtual PC winds up on your computer.
  5. Navigate to “Windows XP Mode” as in the 1st step.
  6. Now the Windows 7 support team asks you to insert the driver disc for the device and click on “Install” or “Setup” when the autoplay window launches.
  7. While the Windows XP mode program is open, connect the device and wait for your PC to recognize it.

Well, that’s it! You’ve successfully deployed 32 bit drivers via Windows XP mode on you Windows 7 PC.

Using Windows 7 support tools for better system performance and maintenance

Windows 7 was Microsoft’s next operating system after Windows Vista. It was basically Windows Vista refined and became a popular OS because of its extraordinary stability and convenient features. A wide range of Windows 7 support tools are provided to the users by this operating system. For creating better user experiences, these tools have familiar features together with many additional features, without creating any tedious technical issues. However, the few system errors that might occur in Windows 7 can be easily resolved with these support tools. Below described are some common Windows 7 support tools used;

Windows 7 Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter tool

When your system disk is filled with the stored data, automatically the speed of your system decreases. This happens due to the fragmentation of the data stored in the disk. As more and more data piles up on the system, the amount of time taken to retrieve the details on programs will also increase making your computer pretty slow. Running a Disk clean up and Defragmenter tool can help overcome this sluggishness.

Backup tool used in Windows 7

If your system goes into a catastrophic crash due to any reason, the first dreadful thing is you losing the data on your computer. Deletion of your data on a system crash without any backups can be really annoying. Windows 7 backup tool is meant for this purpose, to back up and restore your data in system in the

Windows 7 help

Support Tools for Windows 7

case of system crashes.

DirectX Diagnostics

Gaming and multimedia files are supported by the DirectX program. For the proper functioning of this utility, you will need timely updates and patches. The performances of multimedia player or video games are sped up by the DirectX Diagnostic tool by troubleshooting the DirectX through checking outdated drivers and the versions.

Problem steps recorder

This support tool in Windows 7 keeps the log of commands that are entered by the user together with the screen shots. When diagnosing for system errors, this tool is of great help for the tech support personnel.

So, these are some major Windows 7 support tools which help users in resolving, troubleshooting and avoiding issues in their Windows 7 computer. Thank you for your time, hope your have benefited from this article.

For any further assistance, feel free to get in touch with Windows 7 support.

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