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Restore Windows XP Desktop themes

Various factors like the look, feel, and sound of an operating system are determined by the desktop themes in it. It also includes the background image setting for your main desktop display, the colors of various task bars, font sizes, sounds accompanying warnings, and notices that pop up on your screen. Screensaver is the image or animation displayed when your computer goes idle for a long time or rather a predetermined period of time. The user can of course customize all of these configurations. You may put the themes or skins suiting your mood, interests, likes, etc. but eventually you may want to change your desktop theme and screensaver back to the original Windows XP settings. This process is indeed easy and quick to follow and can be done in few simple steps.

Windows tech support instructions to restore Windows XP Desktop themes and screensavers

  • Turn on your computer and wait until it loads to the main desktop screen. Or click on the minus sign at the top right-hand corner of the window to minimize all of your programs.
  • Move your cursor somewhere to the center of the screen over the background and away from any icons or task bars.
  • Right-click on the screen and you will see a window popping up displaying words and phrases like, “Refresh”, “Arrange Icons By”, and “Properties” etc. This “Properties” option is seen to the bottom among these options, scroll down to locate it and click on it.
  • A window titled “Display Properties” will open up. This box will have tabs at the top with names such as, “Desktop” and “Themes.” Ensure that you are under the “Themes” tab currently.

    Windows Tech Support

    Restore Windows XP Desktop themes

  • In the “Themes” tab underneath the word “Theme” and above the display sample, find a drop-down menu. From the right of this drop-down menu, Click on the down arrow, highlight the option named “Windows XP” and select it.
  • Move your cursor to the bottom right of the window and click on the “OK” button. This will change away the desktop themes and screen savers on your computer back to the original Windows XP settings.

That is how the Windows tech support team instructs you to restore the themes and screensavers of Windows XP.

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