How to Disable Startup Programs

Most of us have chewed up our pencils or scratched out heads in frustration and impatience as our PCs/laptops take their sweet time running all those annoying startup applications every time we restart them.   Such startup applications may be anything from anti viral software or other essential programs that have been preprogrammed by the operating system to run on every startup because the good guys at Microsoft know precisely what your computer needs to operate efficiently, to software that you download yourself and inadvertently choose the option to load that particular software on every startup. They are usually not such a nuisance when you first just get your brand new computer but with time, as you download more and more junk on to your hard drive and click “Ok” in just about every dialogue box that presents itself on your screen, you start to notice that it takes tremendously longer for your machine to complete the startup process and a whole trove of windows fill up your monitor during the process.

I’m sure you would agree that this is not just a problem because it kills valuable time which is pretty hard to come by in this fast paced day and age, but also because it is a serious disincentive to restarting your computer, which only aggravates the problem (any regular computer user knows that running the machine for any length of time without occasionally rebooting the system, reduces the machine’s performance).  Also, some startup programs continue to run in the task bar at the bottom of your monitor even after you close the application window thereby using up more of your RAM’s resources and even further slowing down your browsing experience, unless you take extra steps to remove such programs from the task bar.

There is a very simple remedy to this problem for Windows users.  I will describe the procedure specifically for the Windows 7 systems but older versions of Windows have pretty similar procedures.   For starters, all you need to do is click on the start menu button.  In the screenshot below, the start menu button can be seen in the extreme bottom left hand corner of the screen.  You know that little colorful Microsoft icon right? Yes that’s the one.  Then in the search box that appears at the bottom of the the pull-up menu, type in “msconfig”.

how-to-windowsHitting “enter”  brings up a new window, the System Configuration window which is shown below.

In the menu bar, select the “Startup” tab.   A list of all the startup programs that currently run in your system will be displayed .  The rest as they say is child’s play.  With your mouse in hand , it’s pretty much your call as to which of the “bad guys” you wish to take down.  Simply uncheck  the check boxes corresponding to the programs you wish to disable,  click the “Ok” or “Apply”  button to finish the job, and viola, there you have it, no more quick trips to the kitchen to heat up the pizza just to kill some time as your computer boots.

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