Disabling automatic updates and restart in Windows 7

Windows 7 help

Disabling automatic updates in Windows 7

Windows Updates are Microsoft services providing updates for the Windows operating system and the installed programs and applications in the computer. You might be familiar with the frequent updates released for your internet browser, computer games, instant chat messenger programs and others. These updates contain enhanced features from their previous versions, new features, or security improvements. It is advised to keep your computer programs and applications up-to-date always to keep away any issues. Having the latest version programs running means you possess a system that is fresh and to-date.

There is a feature in Windows that allows automatic update of programs. This program checks for security updates and downloads and installs them on your machine automatically, once enabled. This will remove the overhead of having to manually check for updates every time and downloading and installing them when you find them. It also keeps your computer as safe as possible with the latest programs and minimum problems as all security vulnerabilities are being constantly found and patched by the Windows team.

However, enabling automatic security updates can sometimes be irritating as it prompts you to restart the computer after it has installed certain updates every few minutes distracting you from work. Automatic updates are enabled by default In Windows 7. To ensure your computer has the latest updates, it searches the Microsoft server for available system, driver, security, and software updates, and installs them automatically. Also you can disable the automatic updates feature quickly when you want to If you prefer to install updates manually without affecting your computer in a negative way.

Windows 7 help

Disabling automatic updates in Windows 7

Here’s how the Windows 7 help team asks you to disable the automatic updates feature.

Windows 7 help to disable automatic updates

  • Click the “Start” menu, in the “Search” box, type “update” and then to launch the Windows Update tool, click “Windows Update” under “Programs“.
  • Select the “Change Settings” link. Choose the “Never check for updates” option under “Important Updates.”
  • To save your changes, click “OK“. Click the “Start” orb and click the arrow next to the right of the “Shut Down” button, which will launch a new submenu.
  • To restart your computer, click “Restart“.

That’s it, thank you for your time, have a great day!

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