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Hack Windows Password Windows 7 [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

Hack windows password windows 7

When it comes to Crack windows 7 password people misuse it and define it as getting through a password or firewall, illegally. In fact all it means is to get through a password. So when I titled this I had no intention of helping people do things illegally. The method I am showing today is to use a program called OPH Crack. This program uses a Linux based system to boot before windows. The program then proceeds to look for all user accounts on the computer. Once it identifies who uses the computer, it launches the Linux based operating system and starts cracking the passwords. It however starts with allocating the ram.

Hack windows 7 password

There can be so many possibilities as to why you would need to crack or hack a password. I for one had a time when someone lent me a computer and they went out of the country. They forgot to tell me the password, and I did not want to reset it. So instead I just used this program, got the password and was able to login from then on. I returned it and he was mighty impressed when I told him I hacked the password in order to use it. Good times.. Anyway I’m sure you have a legal reason to be hacking a computer password. Your parents’ computer, your computer, or you just want to test it out.

How to hack windows 7 admin

When it comes to hacking passwords, you should be careful not to breach anyone’s privacy. This is a severe punishable offense. But when you do have that legal reason, this program is one of the best to use, also because it is so simple to use. It really only needs you to make the computer boot from a CD. Once you do that the rest is done for you, you don’t have to do anything.


Dreamscene Download [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

Dreamscene download

Dreamscene is a utility that allows users to make videos in other words animated wallpaper. Ever wanted an aquarium as your background? But then realized that when the fish don’t move it can get kind of boring? Well that is what Dreamscene is for. Dreamscene allows you to use a video of fish moving around in an aquarium as your desktop background! There is no need to animate it in your own head; it’s all there for you!

Dreamscene windows 7 download

Downloading the right video isn’t that hard. This process of making a video as your background is actually becoming more and more popular. Windows 7 does not have a built in setting to allow users to activate it, however, users have created programs to do so for you. Plus, the good people at VLC have integrated a way to make VLC do this as well. VLC is the most versatile media player out there today. VLC supports almost every type of media file; if not all. Plus, VLC makes it easy to do even the simple things. For example, when I want to speed up or slow down what I am watching I just need to press one button at the bottom. Other players you need to right click and go through sub menus just to find this simple function.

Dreamscene download windows 7

Dreamscene requires more system resources than a regular background. So if you are using a netbook or something that is not meant for speed necessarily, then I would recommend not doing this. However; if you have a computer that can handle most things that you will be totally fine. Just make sure not to over use your computer, you can overheat parts which can result in them burning – rendering them useless. So just be careful when you do this and monitor your system resources and make sure your computer can handle this. VLC player requires more resources than the other program, so just be wary of what your computer is telling you.

How to change wallpaper on Windows 7 and Starter, plus Rainmeter [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

How to change wallpaper on Windows 7

This tutorial will show you how to change wallpaper of your computer for each monitor separately. There is a program called Display Fusion, this program has a free trial, and is a very useful program if you have dual monitors. This program not only changes backgrounds, but also helps move things from one monitor to another. There is a small button next to the minimize button, once it is pressed the window that it was pressed on will instantly be switched to the other monitor. This program also makes it easy to get backgrounds from flickr and vladstudio. You can also tell the program to span a wallpaper across both monitors.

Change desktop background Windows 7

Changing the image on the desktop in Windows 7 is really simple. But once you have more than one monitor, there isn’t a lot of customization. For example, having two different images. Windows 7 Starter, however, is a different story. If you try to go to the normal place to change the background in Windows 7, you will have no option to change the wallpaper. This program lets you change the wallpaper without using the Windows way. You just open the program click the monitor you want to change the background for, then click which image you want. As a recommendation, to have the best results from this program or any background for that matter, is to get the same resolution as the monitor for each image. To find the resolution number (i.e. 1024 x 768, 1280 x 720) do this:

  1. Right click the desktop
  2. Click resolution
  3. Scroll the bar to the recommended
  4. Then see what the number displayed is

Now you have the monitors resolution all you need to do now is search for that resolution, in my case 1920 x 1080.

How to change desktop background in Windows 7

Changing the wallpaper is as simple as:

  1. Right click the desktop
  2. Click personalize
  3. Click on desktop background
  4. Find a picture
  5. Click it
  6. Save changes
  7. Done

So why use this program? You are using this program because when you do thism you cannot change each monitor individually. You are changing both monitors to the same wallpaper. Sometimes this can get boring, and sometimes you just want two different wallpapers. For example, if you have a TV hooked up to your computer, you sometimes want a different wallpaper for that TV. You can put a picture of your family on the TV, so that people see that when they look at the TV, and you can have a cool looking abstract picture on the regular monitor. This can really be a very useful tool.

As far as Rainmeter, this program is a tool. This program tells you resource monitors. It can tell you the weather, the time, the date, what your current network is using, and more. It is a very useful widget, and takes seconds to install or uninstall if you don’t like it. Thus why I recommend it.


How To Reinstall Windows 7 Without CD [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

Reinstall Windows 7 Without CD

Trying to get Windows installed and not having a CD can be very frustrating and getting another CD can be difficult and expensive.  You can possibly call a computer technician to do it for you but that will run costs up very quickly.  Any help we might get will make a world of difference when trying to deal with an issue like this. The CD that comes with Windows is always copy protected so that you cannot copy the disk. The problem with this, is if you lose this CD. You are without the installer and can no longer reinstall on any computer this Windows again.

Reinstall Windows 7 Without Losing Data

        Okay, so you want a fresh computer but don’t want to buy a new one. I understand that, it makes sense, in fact some of us would love to have a reset button for life sometimes! But when it comes to computers you can always reformat your hard drive and install Windows on the hard drive again. This will make the computer as if it is brand new. This of course does not apply to the hardware, it is highly recommended to dust off the inside of the computer every 2 weeks, and make sure there is proper airflow. Back to your computer, if you are here because you don’t want to lose you data that you have worked over the years to compile, yet you do want to reinstall windows, then this tutorial will show you a bunch of handy programs that can help you.

Reinstall Windows Installer Windows 7

If you don’t have the CD anymore there are other ways to install windows. You can install from a USB drive. We will be making a tutorial on this soon. You can also download an ISO from Microsoft and create a CD from it. It is always a good idea to backup files, and even do an easy transfer! If you haven’t heard of Windows Easy Transfer, then you should check out howtowindowsguide’s tutorial on Windows Easy Transfer. Click on the words to launch that tutorial. It is a very useful program, in fact I just used it a day ago in my own house. I just bought a new computer for myself and after building it, I wanted to have all of my previous settings and programs, so now I just need to transfer over the file and I’m done!

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks 2011: Remapping Keyboard, Disable Restart with Updates [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

This segment of Windows 7 tips and tricks will cover how to remap keys on the keyboard and to disable the annoying pop up message when windows updates are ready to install, and they want you to restart the computer. Firstly, the key mapping. Key mapping is when you change the function of a key to a different function as it reads on the keyboard. For example, if you are hitting the caps lock key while typing, and you are constantly having to go back and fix the capitalization, you can make the caps lock key act as a shift key, or even disable it completely. The program I am showing here has 104 keys that are able to be tampered with. Since this will be changing the function in the windows registry I assume this will pass over to games as well.

Windows 7 tips and tricks 2011

New Windows 7 tips and tricks 2011. Every year a bunch of new tricks are learnt, or simply taught. These tricks are posted in various places, and rarely made into a video. That’s where we come in. We make those videos so that you are able to easily do the trick and not be confused with the wording. So lift your hat to us and enjoy the videos as they come.

Windows 7 tips and tricks 2010

An old trick is how to make the pop up message that Windows so desperately wants to shove in your face and force you to do, go away. What I am referring to is the restart pop up that comes with the Windows Updates. For some odd reason Microsoft decided to make it so that we are constantly bothered with the pop up to restart our computer. We may be typing an article like this, or we are just imply doing work and don’t want to have to wait for a reboot. Well, to Microsoft your needs don’t matter; they want you to restart the computer, and now. So for people who are typing like I do, or just simply working on their computers and don’t want to restart now, follow the videos instructions for windows 7 tips and tricks 2010. And make that pop up go! Don’t worry everything will be restored back to normal once the computer is restarted, the trick I teach you is only a temporary fix.

Maybe next time I will show you the way to do it permanently? Till’ then Sayonara!

how to mount an iso

How to mount an ISO in a Virtual Drive in Windows 7 [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

How to mount an ISO

How to mount an ISO is a common problem. There are many ways, and many programs. I have been using the wildly popular program, Daemon Tools, until I made this tutorial. When I am forced to do research… I do it. I have come upon a program called Virtual CloneDrive. This program is completely free, and, trumps daemon tools in every way. Daemon tools gets a little complicated when you need to mount something to it, and sometimes it can get annoying to sift through folders in the ‘open…’.

Mount ISO Windows 7

Mounting ISO’s in Windows 7 is not as easy as in Windows 8. Windows 8 has made a new function that allows you to just double click the ISO to mount it automatically into a virtual cd rom.

Normally to mount a drive in daemon tools or similar program you need to do the following:

  1. Right click  the icon on the tray
  2. Hover over the amount of drives
  3. Select which drive you want to mount with
  4. Find where the exact destination for the file.

Mount ISO Free

This program completely eliminates this headache by letting you double click the ISO to mount it! That’s it! Just double click the ISO and instantly that ISO is now in a virtual drive. Have you ever seen something so easy? Now of course if you like doing it the old skool way and want to sift through folders, then by all means do so. You can do that by right clicking the virtual drive in computer and select the right option. But why would you ever want to do that? (Unless you need more than one cd mounted). And while you are at it don’t use shortcuts either, go find the destination folder for each program you have and double click the exe. Oh… that sounds like a waste? Well, wake up, no more going to the directory, just do it the easy way, switch to this program! See the light! It’s such a breeze!

Remove Shortcut arrow

While we are on the topic of shortcuts, ever notice the little arrow on the bottom left of every shortcut? Well, as a bonus I added to this tutorial how to remove that annoying little arrow. Yeah, you know the one. The program I show you has so many uses it is worth it to download even if you don’t mind the shortcut arrow. For example, you can change the computer name, disable aero effects, etcetera, the list goes on for a while. Download it and explore for yourself, just be careful mind you!

Update Drivers for Free Windows 7 [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

Update Drivers for Free

Firstly, updating drivers can improve computer speed as well as prevent malfunctions. Updating drivers isn’t as hard as it sounds, in fact Windows has a built in function that allows you to manually update drivers for free for each piece of hardware that Windows detects. You can either download the driver and install it by connecting it to the driver, or let Windows find the latest one on its own. This function is in the Device Manager. You right click the drive you want to update then click update drivers… Then click automatically or browse for the file.

Update Drivers Windows 7

Now doing the above method can get boring really quick, in fact sometimes it can get tedious, sometimes Windows doesn’t detect the part. Sometimes Windows can’t find a driver for the part. Whatever the problem you have, may be, this can all be avoided when you download a program that does it for you.

I just so happened to download five to six different programs and tested them individually, I had about 12 drivers out of date, and for each one I either tried to install one, or gave up trying. I won’t get into names so that I won’t get yelled at, but the one that I find to be the most user friendly and the easiest overall, is called Driver Reviver. Yeah, I know… try to say that ten times fast! This program updates drivers for Windows 7 as well as other operating systems. I only tested this on Windows 7, and let me tell you, I didn’t get any phony “out of date” drivers, nor did I have to put much effort into installing and downloading the out of date drivers.

This program costs $30 and to me, is worth the money. The other programs out there say they do the same thing, but for some reason don’t get things right. This program takes the tedious task and makes it effortless. I rate this program a 9/10. The few things I would change is: First, don’t make the range from Old > Ancient. Make the range from Updated > Old, or even New > Old. Secondly, I would make the installing phase more informative like the downloading phase, and give an ETA. So beside for those few quirks I have, this program is superb for the task at hand.

Enough chit chat! Watch the Video!

Change taskbar Windows 7 & Change Computer Name [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

Change taskbar Windows 7

In windows 7 there is a very easy way to change the taskbar color without having to go through much trouble. This is by right clicking the desktop, clicking personalize, then clicking color at the bottom. The problem with this method? When you use this method of changing the taskbar color, you are changing all of the tops of windows and the start menu colors. This can be annoying if you picked a bold color, like red, or black for example. So how do you go about only changing the taskbar color and not the rest of the windows?

Windows 7 Taskbar Change… The right way

The right way to do this is to magically make the taskbar change to the exact color you desire. First, download, a free program that makes money from donations. Then download or create a background that matches your screen resolution. To find your screen’s Resolution:

  1.      Right click Desktop
  2.      Click screen resolution
  3.      Click the down arrow by resolution
  4.      Scroll the bar to the top
  5.      And read the resolution number

This is what your monitor/screen resolution is. Resolution means, the amount of dots (aka pixels) that make up the image on the screen. If you look really closely at the monitor you should be able to see the pixels. Back on topic, once you have your resolution, your background, and is installed; right click the image and hover over, open with, then select Once that is open change the canvas size to be 38 pixels shorter. Then press ok. Once again open the option to change the canvas size and this time put the pixels back to the original amount. (Watch the video down below for a step by step walkthrough).

Once this has been completed you should have a white bar at the bottom of the image. Click the bucket tool and select a color, fill in the white box and save the image as another name. Right click the new saved image and select set as desktop background… Presto! You have successfully changed your windows 7 taskbar color!

Changing Computer Name

If you want to change the name of your computer, then watch the video, it will only take a few seconds of your time. And you will finally have your name in the field instead of Dell’s or HP’s!


How to Remove Malware for Free [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

How to remove malware for free

Removing Malware is essential for a computer to run smoothly. However, how to remove malware for free is another question. Basically every program out there has a fee to use it, and we don’t want to pay for so many things on our computer. We already pay for Microsoft Office, and any other programs we have to buy in order to function as a normal computer. So when it comes to removing malware we don’t have to have to pay… There is also methods out there to on how to remove malware manually; although, I do find it unnecessary.

When it comes to removing malware there are many choices of programs. Let me repeat this, there are many choices of programs. In fact there will never be a shortage of programs that can remove malware, or at least that advertises that they can remove them. But, there are only a hand full that can do it effectively, and, for free! I did all the leg work for you guys so the only thing you have to do is follow my video tutorial and you will have the best of the bunch.

How to Remove Malware, Microsoft

Microsoft contributed to this Malware fighting team by making their own program that will fight off the malware for you. This program searches your computer for known major malware and will delete them upon your command. Microsoft has also created one of these for viruses and it is said that they update it on the second Tuesday of every month. I assume this program has the same updating schedule.

The reason updating is so important, is that every minute there is another virus, or malware being created. Every minute another computer has been infected with a virus and malware. Every hour about 10 people clicked on a fake computer scan, and fell for the trick. All of these numbers add up, and that is why I am here to help. Watch my tutorial if you want to be able to remove these malware issues for free, either with trial versions, or, because the program is free.


How to Build a Computer: Introduction to Parts. [HD] 1080p [VIDEO]

How to Build a computer

Buying a computer ready-made is a thing of the past. You go to a store, or an online store, and buy a ready-made computer, pay 800-1000 dollars for a gaming computer and you go home play it and done. Well, today there are so many guides on how to build computers there is no longer a need to go buy a ready-made one. Why not? Hell, it’s ready for me and it’s not that expensive? The reason it isn’t that expensive is because they are using parts that aren’t on par for a computer that you can make yourself for 800$. What I mean by that, is, let’s assume an 800 dollar computer comes with, a CPU, GPU, PSU, RAM, HDD, DVD Drive, Motherboard. Now, 800$ 7 parts, that comes to 114$ per piece give or take a few.

Now when you buy a computer ready-made, you are also paying a fee for them to build it for you. Hey, after all, they do need to make money. So let’s assume they charge $150 for building it let us subtract that from the 800 that will give us 650. So now we have 7 parts and 650 dollars, which is about 93 dollars per part.

What was all that math and stuff for? This next point. If they actually buy decent parts and are not skimping on them then it will come out to be more than 800 dollars. So what are they doing? They are buying generic parts. For example, you probably own a car. Would you have bought your car if the steering wheel wasn’t the same company? If the brake and gas pedals are from a factory that is known for not having good quality? What about having the outside parts ½ the companies and ½ not. No, when you buy a new car you want all the parts to be made with quality and with the same company, or any good company. But to buy a Toyota that has the engine of a Saab, makes no sense (Saab is going out of business).

Here is how I break down the parts of a computer. A decent CPU will cost anywhere from 170-210 dollars. A decent graphics card is upwards of 150 dollars, a PSU is about 50-100 ram is about 50-100. A HDD if it’s 500 GB will be about 70, a DVD drive about 30, motherboard about 130-170, and finally the case about 100 dollars. That comes to 840 dollars if we meet in the middle. Now they need to make money too, so we need to knock off the 150 from the 800 they are charging and they only have 650 dollars for parts. So where they get the parts make the difference.

As far as building a computer for yourself. You get the best parts for the money you have and don’t have to worry about getting generic parts, and you can always upgrade it. The build I made for you guys can last you 2 years at the minimum using games. This cannot run games on the highest graphics but it is close.