Office 365 Video Launched To Help People Create And Share Videos More Easily

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Off late, corporate companies and small businesses are having to try their best with the little resources available to them. They have to strive to stay connected with the customers, and concentrate on the business at the same time. To put it together, they need to work in such a way that they outperform their competitors and stay in the business. This is possible now with Microsoft help using one of its products. Businessmen and other professionals will be able to reach these goals with the help of Microsoft Office 365. They come with lesser upfront cost, a similar Microsoft Office experience with rich features and uptime with 99.9 percent guarantee.

Recently Microsoft has come up with a very helpful and productive feature in Office 365 called Office 365 video. This feature added to Office 365 productivity suites will help Office 365 users with the latest updates and other information. It was announced in one of the blog posts that the feature would be available for download through a portal for Office 365 called NextGen portals. With the help of this portal, the company would be able to influence the Offline Graph with appropriate information for the customer. Users will be working with social and mobile functions combined in one.

With the help of this feature, users will be able to create a video clip either from a mobile phone or from a desktop computer. After creating the video, the user has to include details like what the video is about, mostly a brief description about the video. Once you upload the video, you need to wait until it generates the playback files. Microsoft help is available to help you post videos.

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Finding and sharing these video clips is also very easy. You will be able to search for these files through Enterprise search. You will be able to play these videos on both mobile devices and on desktops. You can actually host a video call on the desktop at the same time when you are watching a particular video clip.

Microsoft is planning to roll this feature out by next year. Video portal will be available to every Office 365 customer. Microsoft also confirmed in a blog post the release of this video portal in early 2015. This will be one of the most powerful mediums of communication for the users. The best thing about the Video portal is that it has a great interface that people will be able to use without any difficulty.

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Instructions To Fix Msvcr80.Dll Error

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Windows operating systems are one of the most popular operating systems among users. Most of the computers running all over the world have Windows OS running in them. People prefer Windows OS as it has a user-friendly interface, it is relatively very easy to get used to the ecosystem and such. Though the operating system is great to work with, the operating system encounters errors at times. Windows Tech support is available for the users whenever they come across issues with the Windows computers.

Dll files, otherwise called dynamic link library files are files that support different programs to function properly in the computer. Since most of the applications in a system are dependent on these files, any serious issues with them will lead to the malfunctioning of the program. MSVCR80.dll file is one among these dll files.

MSVCR80.dll file will be found in one of the sub folders in C:\Windows. These files are found in both Windows XP and Windows 7 computers in different file sizes. When you try to open one of the software in the computer, you might notice the MSVCR80.dll Error; this must be due to the fact that the file is missing. One of the usual solutions to this error is to try reinstalling the program in the computer.

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MSVCR80.dll is a Windows file that is utilized by many of the applications running in a Windows computer. When you find this error, it is actually not a problem. Since the file plays an important role for connected problems, at times these get confused and throw out an error message. Usually MSVCR80.dll process is safe such that it supports the program that requires the support of MSVCR80.dll files to function properly.

But some of the MSVCR80.dll processes have more than one alternative. One of the alternatives might be a malware or a spyware. Whenever you find this error, make sure about the same by running a scan in the computer. Run a program to scan MSVCR80.dll files and errors related to the same.

There is another method to fix issues related to MSVCR80.dll file missing. These files are registered in the registry entry. Hence, one of the methods to solve the issue will be to make changes to the value of the particular dll file. Since registry is the database of the computer and is very sensitive, you need to take utmost care while working on it. If you are not sure what has to be done, you can get help from the Windows tech support desk.

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Resolving Issues With Windows Automatic Update

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Windows operating system allows the users to update and repair the operating system at times of errors. It is always good to keep the operating system updated, as this will make it less vulnerable to viruses, adware and malwares. The Windows Update feature was first introduced in Windows 98 operating system. This feature was then included in all the forthcoming versions of the operating system. It is recommended by Microsoft to turn on the Windows Update service. The Automatic Update feature will check for the available updates and will download and install the update to make the operating system up-to-date.

The Windows tech support tips that are shared below will help you to fix the issues with the Windows Update service.


  • Turn on the Windows Automatic Update service. If you are using the Windows XP operating system, you will need to click on the Start button. Next, you will need to right click on the My Computer icon. Choose Properties, then select the Automatic Updates tab, and then choose the Automatic option. From here, you will be able to set the day and time that you need the PC to download and install the updates. After making the changes, you can click on the Apply button and then on the OK button.
  • If your computer is powered by Windows 7 or Vista operating systems you will need to click on the Start button, select Computer and then you will need to select Properties. You will be able to find Windows Update on the left side of the screen. Click on it and then choose Change settings. Do remember to select the checkbox placed near to Install updates automatically. You will now be able to set the date and time for the computer to check for and download the updates.

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  • Now you will need to ensure that Windows Update is enabled in Computer Management.
  • Select Services and Applications and then Services. Find Automatic Updates among the Services and choose the General tab. Change it to Automatic if it is disabled. Click on Start under Services Status. Click on the Apply button and then on the OK button.
  • If Windows Update is enabled in your PC and still you are unable to download and install the updates, there should be some issue with the Internet connection. You need to contact your ISP to fix this.

These are the steps to resolve issues with Automatic Updates in Windows. For further help, you can contact our Windows tech support team.

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Capturing A Snapshot Of Your Windows Computer Screen

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If you’re using a Windows computer, you’ll have access to numerous useful options. Sometimes, you may require taking a screenshot of your Windows computer screen for official purposes and for this you need to use the Print Screen key on your keyboard. It is a key present on most PC keyboards and it causes the current text mode screen memory buffer to be copied to take a print. The latest operating systems save the bitmap image of the current screen to their clipboard or the comparable storage area.

The Print Screen key is always useful in saving graphics, sharing photos or even keeping the Internet pages on file. For this, you need to take a snapshot of a Windows computer screen and then turn it into a graphic with the help of a software application. This is often considered useful for creating a Web page in print or documenting the error message in the event of a technical support session.

If you want to take a screenshot of your Windows computer screen and don’t know how to do it, you may follow these instructions provided by the Windows tech support team.

  • In the first step, you need to set up your computer to display the screen which you need to capture. This can even be a website and in such a case, you can open your home page of the specific website in the browser, which you usually use in your system.
  • Once opened, you need to hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard. By doing so, you will be able to capture a snapshot on the Clipboard.

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  • In the next step, you need to open a graphics program, such as MS Paint. Once opened, click on the option in the program to open a new file.
  • Now, you can paste the contents of the Clipboard into your document. Meanwhile, you can also contact the Windows tech support team anytime to get more information on using the Print Screen button and capturing the snapshot of the Windows computer screen in your system.
  • The file would now comprise of an image of the screen that you have captured. Now, you can assign a name for your file and save it in the graphics format in the system.

By following these steps, you will be able to successfully capture a snapshot of your Windows computer screen. To get more assistance on the same, you may contact our tech support team.

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Office Mix Helps EdX Create Richer Content For Their Online Courses

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Online learning platforms like EdX are becoming very popular these days. EdX is one of the most popular websites that provides such Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). These courses are open to all without any restrictions on time or on other requirements. This is the most flexible way to continue your education online.

EdX uses Office Mix to create richer content for their online courses

Reportedly, EdX is using Microsoft Office Mix to make their online content richer making the online sessions more interactive. Office Mix is a specially designed add-in for MS PowerPoint, using which the authors can add more content to the presentation like a voice recording, video, interactive data analytics charts and so on.

Such Office tools from Microsoft help the educators create quality presentations that really grab the attention of the students and keep them focused on the presentation throughout its duration. In fact, holding on to the attention of the students throughout the presentation is one of the main challenges most online educators face today.

Office Mix allows the recording of voice or video directly to the PowerPoint presentation file. This tool makes it easier for the educators to insert contents like data analysis charts, screen captures, poll data, quizzes, screen recordings, etc into the slides. Also, they will get options to manage these contents across different slides and animation settings.

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EdX is partnering with Microsoft to make their PowerPoint presentations and online lectures more fun and interesting to their students. The latest Office technology solutions from Microsoft help them achieve these goals. In fact, reportedly, Microsoft is providing EdX educators a free trial version of the latest PowerPoint 2013 version for 180 days. This will help them develop quality online lectures using the Office Mix plug-in on PowerPoint 2013 and see the benefits for themselves.

The main benefit of using Office Mix plug-in is that you can easily add and manage the rich media content on these contents from the PowerPoint presentation itself. For example, with the installation of Office Mix plug-in, you can easily add and edit video snippets in the presentation to make it more interesting to the students.

EdX’s partnership with Microsoft is certainly beneficial to the online students, since EdX is an open source platform available to everyone for free. Let us hope that Microsoft’s partnership with EdX continues and that their students get quality online lectures created using the latest Microsoft Office technology.

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