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Microsoft is all set to please its users and has recently released a new feature intended for businesses to manage and share their videos using a new cloud-based offering aptly named Office 365 Video.

Mark Kashman, senior product manager for Microsoft Office 365, and Office 365 Video has described the product as “First of many NextGen Portal.” The new feature has a SharePoint-inspired smart hub which is capable of acting as a social, shareable and mobile destination most suited for business professionals. In an official blog post, Kashman wrote, “Office 365 Video is designed to meet the requirements of IT and win the hearts and minds of user.” To know more information about the same, contact the Microsoft help department.

The all new feature, Office 365 Video, is powered by Azure Media Services, Microsoft’s own cloud-based digital media transcoding and delivery platform that is suited for video content producers and similar enthusiasts. The feature saw public attention during its first announcement in 2012 and was later launched in early 2013. Moreover, Azure Media Services has undergone rigorous public tests, as it was NBC’s go-to online video provider and responsible for coverage of this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Observing the product’s collaborative bent, Kashman observed, “Office 365 Video benefits from adaptive smooth streaming technology optimizing video playback for the device it’s being viewed on. It, too, leverages Yammer and the Office Graph to deliver a social, personalized experience within Office 365.”

The major highlights of the all new Office 365 Video are drag-and-drop video upload support. It also supports a wide range of video codecs that include MPEG-4 v2, H.264, and the Windows Media Video, among others. After the videos are uploaded and available on the cloud, enterprise search can be used to search through the videos as well. Contact the Microsoft help department to know more information about Microsoft Office 365 Video.

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Moreover, once uploaded, all videos appear in Microsoft’s smart, Flipboard-like Office 365 app. Unlike traditional news and activity feeds, Microsoft Office Delve, the new feature, makes use of machine learning in order to transmit relevant information and content.

Microsoft’s enterprise social networking platform, Yammer has been completely integrated with Office 365 Video. The video conversations are automatically linked to the posted videos, and can be easily accessed using the Yammer app or from the stock Yammer interface.

As an ending note, Kashman highlighted the security feature of Office 365 Video. He wrote, “It’s very easy to set the permissions for the home page leveraging the same Active Directory powering authentication in all areas of Office 365. This same governance model enables admins to manage permissions for each channel.”

Scripting With Windows PowerShell


Windows PowerShell Features

Windows PowerShell is an extremely useful scripting language that finds application in task automation and managing configuration in Windows operating system. The DOS-style command prompt in most versions of Windows, from Windows XP to Windows 8, is outdated and is devoid of many essential features. In answer to this, Microsoft has released a more updated and sophisticated command-line interface that is more in line with the modern Windows environment and contains many functionalities that are unavailable in the standard Windows command-line.

PowerShell is not some new concept; it was available under the name of Monad way back in 2002. PowerShell is the best tool when it comes to performing administrative tasks when using Windows OS. Bill Boswell, Microsoft employee and acclaimed technical writer, has once said “the single most important skill a Windows administrator will need in the coming years is proficiency with Windows PowerShell.”

PowerShell is available in every Microsoft product ever since its release and can be used to run scripts used to automate tasks with Microsoft Exchange, SQL server, Windows Server and more. Indeed some of the actions can be performed by using the Graphical User Interface. However, if you require advanced controls, you will need to be proficient in PowerShell. Because of its success, even third party administrative service providers like Cisco and VMware allow management of their products using PowerShell. To know more about the various capabilities of PowerShell, contact Windows tech support.


Windows PowerShell Support

If you are using Windows 7 or higher Windows operating system, the Windows PowerShell is pre-installed and available, buried inside the menu system under Accessories. In both the operating systems, it can be easily accessed by hitting the Windows key and typing powershell. This would bring up the PowerShell ISE, which is the graphical editing and testing system you require. Right-click on the icon and then select Run as administrator. This option is selected because most administrative tasks require administrator permissions.

Although PowerShell may not look like much, it is extremely powerful. To get a feel, you can run basic DOS commands. Among the list of features that PowerShell has, it will enable you to perform file operations, modify user settings and manage various services and processes. However, a few commands are different for PowerShell; so, it is better to stick with the Help guides before you perform tasks on your own.

If you require any further help with the PowerShell, contact Windows tech support. The support technicians will be able to help you with the basic commands and actions.

Microsoft Announces Genre Defining VR Headsets

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As per a recent leak from Digitimes, Microsoft has some hatching plans to manufacture a head worn virtual gaming device in the year 2015. This product is expected to be showcased at the E3 gaming show in June. It is expected that the device can be used on the Xbox one device to communicate directly or with the Kinect system. This was brought by Oculus Rift to completely change the way users play and interact with games. They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their first product called as the Oculus Rift. This is a ground breaking virtual reality headset that offers immersive gaming on computers.

With the help and support from the top video game companies like Epic Games, Valve and Unity, Kickstarter was a great success and it raised over 2.4 million dollars in funding from the various project backers and supporters round the globe.

Xbox One Headset

As per the sources, the Microsoft gaming device’s development is managed and handled by the hardware team of Microsoft. This is the team that is in charge of the Surface tablet development. Microsoft has been very much open in saying that virtual reality is something that they were experimenting for a long time.

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It is also rumored that Sony is also having plans to have virtual reality devices and the name of the device is Project Morpheus. This was announced during GDC in March 2014, but they have not yet said anything on the launch of the PlayStation 4 device or about the cost. The aim of Microsoft has been to be the leader in the market and with the other players in the field, Xbox and Microsoft need to get the lead in the game.

It is hoped that the virtual reality device from Microsoft will be released before this Christmas, as this will the best time to get your hands on the latest Microsoft products. Also, there will be much discounts and offers on the products on Christmas Eve. The only problem is with using this device with the Xbox One gaming console without encountering any common Microsoft problems. It can be a bit confusing to setup the device and use it with the gaming console for a beginner.

If you would like to know more on the steps to configure and use the virtual reality device from Microsoft with the Xbox gaming console without any Microsoft problems, you can contact the Microsoft help and support team.

Kinect Manufacturing Stopped

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Kinect will be reaching its end of life this year. The motion sensor component of the Microsoft Xbox gaming rig has been around for a meager four years, and it’s already being scrapped. The company brought out the v2 sensor instead, and this is what the MSDN developers are giving their full attention to at this time.

There’s an official blog for Kinect, where Microsoft recently announced that they’d be ending sales of the device this year. They shipped the new Kinect for Windows v2 sensor in October, with the accompanying software development kit (SDK 2.0). The post says Microsoft will be phasing out the sale of the original sensor to make way for the new iteration.

Kinect was originally intended as Microsoft’s answer for the hugely popular motion controller in Nintendo’s Wii. The latter was a device which sold impressively, despite not being much to look at. By the time it got to the 100 million-unit mark, Microsoft and Sony were keen to try their own luck with motion sensing equipment. Sony leaned more towards accuracy in their design, while Microsoft favored ergonomics over accuracy. The Microsoft help page has more details about the initial design.

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Microsoft Motion Sensing

The first time they brought out Kinect, it wasn’t even for gaming. This device was meant for pitching to large business clients who were already using a Windows infrastructure for their computer systems. The tech giant let it out to eleven teams in 2012, so that they could come up with their own creations. Each team got a $20,000 allowance as well, and 13 weeks to finish the job. The stuff they came up with was varied, from automatic animation interfaces, to sterility management in the room.

Kinect v2 is a more advanced version of the hitherto sensor, adding an infrared camera, depth sensing, and higher resolution on the camera. Developer response has been strongly supportive, and there have been quite a few apps built to fit the new sensor and SDK. Most Microsoft help page feedback suggests that transition to v2 has been smooth for the most part. But many businesses are invested heavily in the older setup, and Microsoft is urging them to get in touch with MSDN. There will be no more manufacturing of the original Kinect, which means that the ones being sold right now will be the last anyone can buy.

How To Enable DEP In Windows XP OS

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Most of you might have heard about buffer in the operating system. However, many of you may not be aware what it is or its purpose. In this post, we will find out what buffer is and how to enable it in your Windows XP PC.

Buffer is the specific area in your computer’s memory where the program that is running on the PC is stored. Now, this data can be a song, movie or an application software. When the data is executed, many malicious programs try to take up the space.

However, according to Windows tech support, the program, Data Execution Prevention (DEP) keeps a close watch and makes sure that no programs are executed from this area other than the required ones. Whenever an unauthorized program tries to execute from this zone, DEP closes it down. However, you will have to turn on this function. Let us find out how to enable this function in the program.

Steps involved

  • Open the ‘Start’ menu in the operating system and click ‘Control Panel’.
  • In the ‘Control Panel’ window, choose the option ‘System’.
  • The above step will open the ‘System Properties’ window. Choose the tab ‘Advanced’ in this window.
  • Under the heading ‘Performance’, choose the option ‘Settings’.
  • The above step will launch the window for ‘Performance’.
  • Go to the tab ‘Data Execution Prevention’.
  • Select the option ‘Turn on DEP for all programs and services and except those I select’.
  • Choose the button ‘OK’ and then close the window for ‘Performance Options’.
  • Choose ‘OK’ and this will close the window for ‘System Properties’.

As the next step, you will have to add the programs to the DEP Exception List.

Windows XP

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  • Open ‘Start’ and click ‘Control Panel’.
  • Double click and open ‘System’.
  • In the window for ‘System Properties’, choose the tab ‘Advanced’.
  • Select the ‘Settings’ option in the new window.
  • Click ‘Data Execution Prevention’ tab in the window for ‘Performance’.
  • Select the button ‘Add’ in the program.
  • Choose the programs that you wish to keep out of the exception list.
  • Click ‘OK’ and close the window for ‘Performance Options’.
  • Click ‘OK’ in the window for ‘System Properties’.
  • Restart the PC.

We hope that this post has helped you to find out what buffer is and how to enable it. If you have any queries regarding the steps mentioned above, you may contact Windows tech support or our technical support team for assistance.

Microsoft Launches Digital Gift Cards

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Holiday season is the best time to send your gifts to your loved ones. If you haven’t yet finalized what gifts to give out to your friends or relatives this holiday season, I have an exciting suggestion for you. Why not send Microsoft’s digital gift cards. I am sure that your game-crazy friends would love it more than anything else.

According to Microsoft help desk, Microsoft account holders can send digital gift cards to other Microsoft accounts during this holiday season. In this article, you will find the step by step instructions on sending gift cards digitally to other Microsoft accounts.

It is reported that the option for sending digital gift cards has been made available on both Windows Phone as well as the Microsoft website. The best part is that the recipients are allowed to use the gift cards not only for purchasing Xbox games but also for buying movies, apps, TV shows, music and such.

How to send a gift card to a Microsoft account?

In order to send a gift card, all you need to do is to decide whom to send the gift card to and enter his/her email address, choose a design, select the amount and process the payment. The amount will be transferred to the account of the recipient instantly. According to Microsoft help desk, it is possible to send the gift cards even to recipients who are not registered to your gamer tag.

Choose scheduled delivery if you want to send the gift on a special occasion

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If you wish to send the digital gift card on special occasions like birthday, wedding anniversary or whatsoever, you can schedule a delivery date so that the gift card will get delivered on the exact date. Go to the option that says ‘Schedule a delivery date’ and specify the date on which the gift has to be delivered.

Amounts credited instantly

Folks who have used the digital gift card sending option feel that it is one of the best services that Microsoft has launched in recent years. Just like the messages get instantly delivered, the amount also gets delivered to the recipients’ account. They can use the amount right away to purchase games, movies or music.

Reports indicate that Microsoft is planning to continue with the digital gift card service even after the holiday season. So, there is no need to worry if the birthdays of your loved ones do not fall during the holiday season.

Personalizing The CMD Color Scheme In Windows

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Windows CMD Personalization

The command line is one utility in Windows which hasn’t changed much since it first came out. Appearance-wise, that is. It can get boring staring at the black screen with the white text on it, although there are some people who never even notice the feeling. If you’re someone who needs this utility to look and feel just like the rest of the OS, there are ways to personalize its appearance. Here are few Windows tech support instructions to help in that area.

The options

There’s plenty of stuff you can do with the appearance of the command prompt. For a list of all the things, type in color /? and hit Enter. This will bring up a list of colors you can switch to, with a number beside each choice.

Picking one

Type in color, followed by the number beside your preferred choice of background color, and then the font color. For example, if you want to switch to a green-on-black layout, enter color 02. For red-on-black, type color 04. If you’re worried you’ll bungle this and set the same color for the font and the background, then rest easy – the Windows command line won’t allow this.

Reverting to default

If at any time you feel the urge or need to revisit the older color layout, use the same command, minus the color specification. That means you have to type in color and hit Enter.

Changing the color without using commands

Windows Command Line

Windows CMD Color Scheme

You can change the properties for the CMD utility without typing in commands, with any changes you make staying on to appear at the next session. Click on the top left corner of the Windows and choose Properties. After the window comes up, proceed to the Colors tab and reconfigure the color settings there. There’s also the option to type in the RGB combo for the colors you have in mind. For example, 41,3,27 would give you a background screen like the one in Ubuntu 10.04.

There’s also a Font tab in the properties window where you can change the font of the text. There are only three options to choose from, though. But for someone who is genuinely fed up with staring at the same setup each time they run the utility, any change would be a welcome one.

Try out a few variations to figure out a color scheme you’re comfortable with, and try the settings out for a few weeks before deciding you’ll keep them. For similar Windows tech support tips and guidelines, check out related posts.

Software Giant To End Windows 7 Mainstream Support Soon

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After Windows XP, it seems the software maker is shifting its attention to Windows 7. Windows XP was ditched by the company earlier last year. Microsoft wants more and more users to move on to Windows 8. Windows 8 is unfortunately having a tough time in the market with its slow gain in the market share. There are still too many Windows XP users the OS maker has to lure to Windows 8. Windows 7 users are not really impressed with the new OS and most of them prefer continuing with their OS rather than migrating to Windows 8 and suffer.

Windows 8 is not exactly what most Windows OS users pictured it to be. Actually, the Windows OS users are finding it hard to relate to Windows 8. The OS does not look anything like users have grown familiar with. The UI has been completely overhauled compared to Windows 7. There are some basic windows features unceremoniously omitted, which not many users have appreciated. Moreover, the look, feel and the entire OS experience is too different for the taste of Windows OS users.

Windows 7, on the other hand, is what everyone loved. The transition to Windows 7 from the previous Windows operating systems was seamless. Windows XP users could find no difficulty in using Windows 7. This proves that the OS is highly user-friendly and consistent with other Windows OS that has been released by the OS maker until now.

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End of Microsoft help concerning mainstream support for Windows 7 means some free Microsoft support features will no longer be free. The OS is not dead, just that you will have to shell out a few bucks to enjoy some of the features that were free earlier. Windows 7 users will continue receiving the security updates until 2020; so, no reason to worry.

What happened to Windows XP was completely different. End of Microsoft help and support means the OS is dead by all means to the OS maker. The company has removed the old OS from the list of supported products. This is not the case with Windows 7. Windows 7 has five more years until that time will come.

Some Windows OS experts feel that Microsoft may have to change its decision and extend the mainstream support for some more time caving in to user requests. There are more than fifty percent Windows OS users having a Windows 7 computer. The popularity is at its peak and does not look like receding any time soon.

Microsoft To Introduce VR Headset For Xbox One

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Microsoft has a long list of plans for 2015. Its upcoming Windows operating system Windows 10 is going to be released in 2015 fall. The Consumer Preview of the same will be released in January. Another report is that Microsoft Developers team is getting ready with Xbox One VR headset. Most probably, it will be released during the E3, 2015. Sources privy to Microsoft help desk report that the developers are busy with the development of the Xbox One VR headset.

Microsoft hopes that its Xbox One headset will gain much attention. Of late, a large number of gaming console developers have started making investments in VR Race. According to the reports, Microsoft is the second one to develop its own version of VR headset. If things go as planned, Microsoft will be able to introduce the Xbox One headset immediately after the release of Oculus Rift, a virtual display device that can be mounted on to the head. The Oculus Rift is being developed by Oculus VR. As of now, Wiimote is the only device that offers a similar range of fun.

Microsoft expects tough competition

Well, Microsoft may not be able to make itself a monopoly in the VR headset market. It will have to face tough competition from rivals such as Nintendo and Sony. Reports indicate that Sony is getting ready with its own version of VR headset, the Project Morpheus. Most probably, it will be released by the end of this year.

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Dev Kits of Xbox One VR headset already out

According to some reliable sources, the dev kits of the Xbox One VR headset have already been given out to game developers. However, there is no official report about the same from Microsoft. As per the reports, Microsoft wants to make the entry of Xbox One VR headset grand by introducing it along with a few brand new games. Although most of the games available across the Xbox One platform support VR headset, Microsoft wants to ensure that all the new games being released on the console offer greater support for the same.

As per the current information available from sources privy to Microsoft help desk, the Xbox One VR headset will most probably hit the market by the end of 2015, within a few months after its official announcement at the E3. Xbox One fans are pretty excited about the news and hope to see the release of the VR headset before Sony releases its own version.

How To Go About Fixing Fatal Errors In Windows XP

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If you use a Windows XP PC, chances are you would be sacred when you see a C000021 fatal system error. This usually happens if you’ve recently installed new hardware and started using it, and you get a blue screen declaring you have this new issue to deal with. For those who don’t know how, the following Windows tech support instructions outline what needs to be done.

Your main order of business is to get the computer back to a working state, from the boot menu. This is somewhat like the System Restore option, except that it’s being done from outside the OS, and is consequently a lot safer and more reliable.

Rolling back to a previous configuration

  • The first thing you should do is get rid of the Windows XP error message. The less you look at that, the better.
  • Go to the Start menu and choose the Shut Down option. Then pick the Restart option when you see those three action buttons come up. Hit the OK button to confirm and proceed.
  • When the system starts up this time, be ready and hit the F8 key, so that you get diverted from the usually boot path.
  • The BIOS menu in front of you doesn’t let you use the mouse, so use the arrow keys instead to navigate among the options you’re shown. Move the selection highlight to the Last Known Good Configuration option, and hit the Enter key.
  • After this, select the version of the OS that you wish to boot to. Then hit the Enter key once again.

    Windows XP Error

    Fatal Errors In Windows

After this, the system will restart into the previously working configuration, giving you a respite from the C000021a fatal error, which will have disappeared. Essentially, you will be at a point in the computer life cycle, where it has yet to accumulate the error you were trying to fix.

Another fix for fatal errors involves booting using an XP install CD. You hit the R key to get to the recovery console. Type in the admin password at this point, if you’re asked to. If you haven’t set one yet, just hit Enter instead. When you boot into Windows, bring up the Run command and type in chkdisk. Hit Enter and wait for the process to complete.

The latter option is also seen to fix many fatal errors. After it’s done, it fixes the existent issue and lets your computer boot normally. For similar helpful Windows tech support guidelines, check out other posts.