Microsoft Identity Manager Will Provide Better Cloud Security Features

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    About Microsoft Identity Manager

Microsoft is upgrading their Identity Manager software to meet the challenges involved in the cloud-based enterprise network solutions. Also known by the brand name Forefront Identity Manager, this software is essentially designed for managing the user identities present in the corporate network including the account credentials, user account privileges and so on.

What the new version Microsoft Identity Manager will offer

First of all, there is the change in the brand name. Microsoft is dropping the name Forefront and the next version will be marketed as Microsoft Identity Manager. As far features are concerned, there will be more Microsoft help and support options specifically designed to boost the network security.

Recently, Microsoft revealed their plans to make the two-step identity verification process a standard in all their enterprise software solutions. This will provide more security to the user accounts in the enterprise network. Two-step verification adds one more layer of protection before the user can access the network.

According to Microsoft, the latest Identity Manager will focus on three main areas – Privileged User Access Management options, more features for cloud-based Identity solutions and providing better user experience. They are also planning to introduce a multi-factor identity authentication support for the Azure platform. This is essentially a Microsoft help service, which will help the Azure users, who need to reset their passwords.

Such Azure users can contact the Microsoft support personnel for assistance over the helpline number. After receiving the correct PIN code from the user, he or she will be allowed to change the password for the Enterprise account. This feature makes the Enterprise network much more secure.

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Such features included in Microsoft Identity Manager will certainly benefit those enterprises that have already made the switch to software-as-a-service platforms. As they make the transition to cloud-based solutions, Enterprises have more reasons to be worried about security and the new Microsoft Identity Manager will provide them the right software tools for managing these security concerns.

These Identity and Access Management (IAM) features are designed for, what Microsoft refers to as, Hybrid Cloud Access. Hybrid Cloud Access simply means that the user accessing the Enterprise network might be in the office premise or he might be accessing the network through the cloud service. Using Microsoft Identity Manager, the system administrators can easily take care of such issues.

The new version of Microsoft Identity Manager is expected to be released in the beginning of 2015.

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Getting The Hang Of MS Office Applications

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         Using Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a set of productivity tools from the manufacturer, which let you do a multitude of tasks in a fast and efficient manner. Although these are hugely popular, and most people have a decent working knowledge of these programs, there are still PC users who are yet to learn. It is good to get started early, because like most things, MS Office apps get harder to master as time passes. There are many ways to start off your education in Office application use.

You would have seen relevant Microsoft help tutorials by the heaps online, most of which you can access or download for free. A typical tutorial would guide you through what to do for getting basic work done on the software. For example, you can find videos online on the operations that beginners can learn and use, which also explain workarounds for more complex issues as you progress further.

Microsoft Office

            Microsoft Office Applications

Don’t start doing serious work on one of the Office programs before you have adequate assurance that you won’t mess this up. Otherwise, you might be working on something important and then close the application without saving the data you created. Loss of important data in this way isn’t unheard of, and you hear plenty of different stories about people who forgot to save their information. Make sure that you’re good with Office use. Test yourself, or better yet, take practice tests online. The latter can get you results, based on which you’ll know the areas to work on. Time your test, and then check out the score that you get. This can give a good idea of how far along you are.

These are just a few things which can help you with using the Office suite of applications for your work. If you get good enough, you can even get certified in this area. MS Office certification will require passing an exam, for which you’ll have to learn pretty much the same things as you see in Microsoft help online tutorials. Only you know what study methods can be best for you when you sit down for an exam like this, so prepare accordingly.

People who have tried it say that it’s easier to pass the first time around, and besides, it’s a waste of time and money if you fail. Find online discussions where people share their experiences, and figure out a way to ace the test when you’re up for it.

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New Enhancements With Microsoft Office 2013

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               Features Of Microsoft Programs

Most of the businesses make use of various tools to manage the business and one of the programs that are widely used in majority of offices is Microsoft Office. This Office Suite package has many tools included in it. The Microsoft problems associated with this program are less and therefore, it is one of the favorites of many users. There have been versions of Office released by Microsoft and the latest in the series was released last year. It was called Microsoft Office 2013. This version of Office Suite comes with large number of enhancements. Let us go through some of the features of the programs included in this package below.

MS Word

The word processing program is now capable of functioning in full screen mode. This helps you to avoid the annoying task bar and other notifications while preparing a document. The program also helps you to connect with the cloud services. With this, you can save a document in the cloud servers and access it any time you wish from any location. With this, you no longer have to carry a CD or USB stick with you. The program also allows you to edit files. Thus, you do not have to purchase extra software to edit your pdf files.

Another interesting addition to the program is that you can now include video files in the word document. This will help you to make the documents attractive and informative. There have also been many improvements in the user interface. The read mode of the program allows you to view the document without loading unwanted functions and features. This improves the speed of the program.

Microsoft Office 2013

             Install Microsoft Programs

MS Excel

The MS Excel program of Office 2013 comes with attractive graphs. The program also features auto completion. The program guesses the word you are entering and gives you suggestions. This helps you to save a lot of time. The spreadsheets that you prepare with the program can be easily mailed since it comes with a mail merging feature. You can also save the spreadsheets to the online storage service, SkyDrive. The program is also loaded with additional tools to create the most accurate graphs.

With all the new additions in the Office program, it has become one of the inevitable programs in all offices. You may download the program from the official website of Microsoft or purchase it from a local store near you. For further help on Microsoft programs or Microsoft problems, you may contact our technical support team.

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Microsoft Adds Multifactor Authentication Features To Their Azure Platform

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            Windows Azure Features

One of the many concerns users have regarding the use of cloud computing technologies is data security. Only recently did we hear about hackers gaining access to files stored in Apple iCloud servers and then, leaking them online. Obviously, this has made more users apprehensive about switching to cloud based software and storage systems.

Windows tech support adds multi factor authentication to Azure

Microsoft hopes to allay the fears of these users by releasing a multifactor authentication system for their Windows Azure cloud platform. A multifactor authentication system ensures higher security by adding additional layers to the user login phase. In simple terms, this means that the users would be asked to go through more than one step when logging into their service.

These extra security measures help to make sure that the person logging in is actually the authorized person and not a hacker, who managed to somehow crack the password. Normally, this works by sending a one-time password to the user through their registered phone number or email address. And, only after entering this additional password, would they be able to access the server.

Similarly, you can add more layers of security to the user login phase. With the new update, Microsoft has enabled this option in Windows Azure. The system administrators can now send push notifications to the users asking them to validate their identity irrespective of the fact that they logged in using a genuine username and password. In many cases, this minor inconvenience is a necessary precaution to protect the system against hacking attacks.

Windows Cloud Applications

            Windows Azure Support

According to Windows tech support website, this multifactor authentication feature will be included in all their Windows cloud applications and services meant for the Enterprise users like MS Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Windows InTune etc. If you have implemented Windows Azure in your organization, you can extend this to any other cloud-based application. You easily add this feature to websites as well.

However, there is one catch. This multifactor authentication feature now comes as an additional paid service. The service can be obtained at the rate of 10 authentications for the charge of $2 a month or a per user rate of $2 per month.

Log on to the Windows Azure website to find out more details about these billing plans. You may also contact out tech support personnel if you have any queries about implementing this security feature in your organization.

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Microsoft Outlook Toolbar Help

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                 Microsoft Help And Support

Microsoft Outlook, developed by the world’s largest software maker, is an email management program, having various features more than just sending receiving emails. The email application consists of a built-in Calendar, Note, and Tasks modules for the purpose of feeding information and creating a list of things-to-do much easily and instantaneously.

Just as any other Microsoft application, this email client is equipped with a collection of useful toolbars that contain shortcuts for all frequently used commands like Open, Save, Send/Receive, and many more. Each toolbar in the email application can be customized as per your preference. This Microsoft help guide will assist you through the process.

Instructions on toolbar customization

First, you need to right click on the Outlook toolbar you wish to customize. You will see a submenu will appear. Then, you need to select Customize….This Customize dialog box allows you to alter the settings of the toolbar, which includes the commands that are associated with a particular icon. You can also alter menu animations and many other settings here.

For moving a toolbar button, you need to click on the button you wish to move and then you can drag it to a new location or to any another toolbar. To create a new shortcut, click on the toolbar, select Customize…, and then click on the Command tab. After that, you can drag the command under the Categories heading.

Microsoft Outlook

            Microsoft Help Instructions

If you wish to resize the width of the Current View or Find a Contact box, you need to click on the box. You can then point to the right or left of the border. Then, by using the mouse pointer, click and drag the corner of the box to the width of your choice.

For resizing a toolbar, you need to place your mouse on the top, sides or bottom of the toolbar, and select it. Then click and drag the toolbar to set the size of your liking.

To access the Toolbar Menu

First, you need to click on View, followed by Toolbars to access the toolbars you want to turn on or off. The options are Standard, Advanced, Menu Bar, and Web. You need to select the toolbar you wish to pin to the Outlook main view by clicking on the respective toolbar’s name. Then, you will see the toolbar appear below the main toolbar in the email program.

Hope this Microsoft help guide was informative. For more such instructions, browse through other posts listed here.

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